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Here are some examples of former online student comments, but we also invite you to click in TripAdvisor so you can have a better idea of the services we offer and maybe you will be tempted to visit us in person!

My goal was to learn Spanish so that I can live and study in a Spanish speaking country in the future. When I was looking for a Spanish school and teacher, I had high expectations – I was looking for a professional organization with trained teachers who had good teaching skills. I was looking for a school that could provide a continuous program that would take me from total beginner up to a level where I could live in the country, take university classes, and possibly conduct research. It was also important to me that I be able to use what I was learning – so I was looking for a blend of conversation and grammar.

When I could not find Spanish classes in my local area, I decided to try online classes. I have been taking two classes per week for the past year through Simon Bolivar's online program and am extremely happy with the quality of the classes. Any questions or concerns I had about taking language classes remotely have proven to be totally unfounded. Using Skype, I feel like I am sitting across the table from my teacher. And since the classes are one on one, I receive individualized attention that I never would have received in a local class setting.

My teacher is an excellent teacher!!! It is clear that she not only has the academic credentials to teach Spanish, but also that she has a good sense of working with students and gauging their needs. She has been very sensitive to when I understand something and then we move forward or to when something has not yet solidified and then we take the time necessary to make sure I not only understand the concept but also apply it in our conversations.
My experience with the school personnel at Simon Bolivar has also been very positive and professional. The class coordinator who handles class scheduling has been extremely efficient and considerate, ensuring that my teacher has been available for my classes in a same timeslot every week. The continuity provided both by having the same teacher and the same day/time for class sessions has been important. Some schools change teachers after a certain number of weeks, and there is good pedagogical reasoning for the practice, but I requested to work with the same teacher since her teaching style so perfectly matched my learning style and the class coordinator has honored the request.

I very highly recommend Simon Bolivar and their online program. The professionalism and high level of quality - of the school, the staff, and my teacher has been outstanding!

Beth Lord

Hello all! I am Melissa from the United States. I was taking a local immersion course that was inconvenient to get to and incredibly expensive. As a result, I was unable to be consistent with my studies. Shortly after, I thankfully found Simon Bolivar. The classes and teachers are convenient to me and my location and are extremely affordable. The teachers (I have had 2) are fantastic and friendly. I was a little nervous at first about the skyping experience but from the first exchange of "Hola" I have been completely comfortable. I will be visiting the school soon for one on one lessons and recommend this school thus far. I will return by the end of the summer and would be glad to address any questions regarding my trip as well. I am an executive and am studying to become bilingual for business purposes. I recommend that anyone heading to college, in college or executives out of college begin studying with this school immediately.
Melissa Wilson – USA

My name is Igor Overtchenko. I am ukrainian living in USA. I have been studying Spanish for three years. I studied with the books,private teacher,Rosseta Stone program but the best money I spended was on online classes with Simon Bolivar school. This is same as having private tutor,except you do not spend time on traveling and cost is much better. The teachers are very,very professional. If anybody have some questions about my experience please contact me
Igor Overtchenko - USA

I'm taking Spanish classes online with Simon Bolivar and I'm truly enthralled with the whole process, from administration to the instructor and the ease of pay through paypal. For my classes, both use Skype, have video cameras, which makes it most personal.. My instructor is fabulous and tailor makes my classes to my wishes. So while I'm learning grammar, I'm learning about the country and its people. I would highly recommend Simon Bolivar to anyone who is looking to learn Spanish online.
Loy Young – USA

I have searched for a while for a Spanish course that designed to help you speak Spanish and I think Simon Bolivar is great, the teachers are great and the online classes are very affordable and the same lessons that are given if you are there in Quito. I am going to continue with Simon Bolivar until I reach my goals, there is no need to search for any other school this one, is what I have been looking for. Thank you very much.
Brian Bailey – USA

Simon-Bolivar school is a professional language school with great and interesting way of teaching which allows me to quickly improve my Spanish. After overcoming the initial shock of studying online, I quickly established a connection with my teacher and now I can't think of any better way to learn a language than from the comfort of my own home. I would recommend this programme to anyone.
Ulrika Gunnarsson - Swedish

First time I actually broke the conversation barrier in Spanish was working with my teacher at Simon Bolivar Spanish School (SBSS) via SKYPE and the internet.  Nothing before had worked.  I'd learned grammar but not to speak.  The synergy of working from my home one on one via the internet was amazing.  Recently I traveled to Guatemala and found that since studying with SBSS I was able to communicate in Spanish effectively.  What a joy!  And it’s easy to for me to continue gaining fluency since I can work from home.
Tim Connelly – USA

I have been extremely impressed with the Simon Bolivar program. It is by far the best means of learning Spanish, in terms of quality & cost. Thanks so much for providing this excellent service!
G.J. Landis - USA

I had such a great experience with my on-line classes. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and had a great teaching technique. He demonstrated Spanish grammar rules in a way that made it much easier to understand. One-on-one instruction was terrific and enabled the instructor to concentrate on tailoring the classes to my specific needs, correcting my errors immediately, and helping me identify the things I needed to work on. We had a chance to chat together in Spanish about our different cultures, family life, ideas, and politics and he used these conversations as an opportunity to teach me more about the language and culture. The technology was easy to use and I felt very connected to the school and to my instructor even though we were separated by thousands of miles.
Thomas Hyatt - USA

There is no doubt in my mind that this school is exceptional value for money. It is a professionally managed organisation and in my experience the teaching is of a very high standard. The difference is that the teachers are trained teachers and not simply people who teach to earn some extra money. It takes a serious approach but also is able to allow the student to enjoy the learning process. Learning a language needs dedication and this school is dedicated.  However  for the process to work the student needs also to be dedicated as no school has a magic formula which will allow you to learn another language without hard work.
Archie Waddell - British

I have searched for a while for a Spanish course that designed to help you speak Spanish and I think Simon Bolivar is great, the teachers are great and the online classes are very affordable and the same lessons that are given if you are there in Quito. I am going to continue with Simon Bolivar until I reach my goals, there is no need to search for any other school this one, is what I have been looking for. Thank you very much.
Brian Bailey – USA

Studying Spanish through Simon Bolivar has been great! I needed an intense Spanish crash course for work and really wanted to have one-on-one tuition to help speed up my learning. I looked extensively locally (in the U.S.) and nothing could compare with Simon Bolivar. I was able to start one-on-one tuition straight away, with a class schedule that suited me and it was cheap. I was a little reserved about studying online but had only 1 internet issue in over a month of study. The connections were fast and allowed online ‘face’ contact with great Latin American tutors, which really helped. I would recommend studying Spanish over the web with Simon Bolivar to anyone and is the next best thing attending the classes in Ecuador!

Daniel Bales - Australian
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