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Simon Bolivar Spanish School Staff

Simon Bolivar Spanish School Staff

Here you can get to know our dedicated staff in Quito:
Kjetil Haugan
He is the owner of Simon Bolivar and has lived in Ecuador since 1994. Kjetil has a Graduate degree in Organization Development and a undergraduate degree in Management. He speaks Spanish, English and the Scandinavian languages.

Sandra Quishpe
She's our Academic Director; responsible for organizing students' schedules, the weekly activities, as well as organizing and preparing the educational material for the students. Sandra also coordinates monthly meetings with the teachers in order to evaluate them.

Daniela Boada
Administrative Director and Salesperson for all Ecuador locations. Many years experience working with Simon Bolivar and likes to be sure that facilities are optimal and that students are having a great time with their lessons, activities and accommodation.

Gabriela Díaz
Gabriela is a very nice lady who always has a smile on her face. She does a fantastic job of making the classrooms a relaxing and nice, clean place to study.

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